Discover How to Create a WOW! Experience That Ensures Clients and Referral Partners Only Want To Work With You!

Irene Duford
Irene Duford

Irene & Kevin Duford
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  • 4 Session
  • Live Virtual Training
    All Sessions: 9:00-11:30 Pacific Time
  • Thursday, October 1
  • Friday, October 2
  • Thursday, October 8
  • Friday, October 9

About This Training

Loan Partner “Wow” Training is an Online training for Loan Partners and Loan Assistants where they will learn systems and processes to streamline and increase your business.

They will learn about amazing team culture and mindset, while they unplug, synergize, and practice scripts together through role play.

Your Loan Partners and Loan Assistants will leave the training with the tools needed to be an even more awesome and valuable team player for you as their Loan Officer. The strategies and techniques they will learn and practice will enable them to “wow” clients and referral partners.

About Loan Partner Training

Loan Officers and Producing Branch Managers

Do you want your clients and referrals partners to have an amazing experience working with you and your team?

Are you finding yourself frustrated with who should be doing what on your team?

Are you working extra hours because you don’t feel confident delegating tasks to your team?

Are you tired of feeling worn out from "putting out fires" that should be handled by your Loan Partner/Loan Assistant?

Are you too busy to train a Loan Partner/Assistant in an exact process that will ensure your loan process and client experience is amazing?

Do you lack the desire to create an exact system and then take the time to train your Loan Assistant/Loan Partner and team on how to implement it?

Do you want to stop being the one to make sure the loans are being handled and instead focus on building and deepening stronger referral relationships?

Do you want to have more time for your family, loved ones or hobbies, knowing that your Loan Partner can handle it while you’re out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then our Loan Partner WOW Training may be exactly what you and your team needs.

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What We Will Cover During This 
LIVE Online Training

  • Teamwork/Team Culture
    • How to be your amazing "Wow" Loan Partner
    • We will articulate to the Loan Partner the benefit of:
    • Understanding the "why" and getting their "buy in" to "Everyone on theTeam asks for referrals."
    • The idea behind the team freeing up the LO to go get more loans
    • Supporting the LO in not stepping back in the loan process 
    • How encouraging the LO to get out of the office is beneficial to the team. "When the LO can do what they love to do (build and nurture relationships) they will bring more loans in." The whole team will benefit. Everyone wins!
  • Defining Roles of the Team-Importance of having systems
  • Clearly defined job descriptions
  • Examples of Models and who does what in each model
  • The Art of a Great Team-Delivering amazing "WOW" service
    • How to deepen relationships with past clients
    • How to listen for opportunities to connect deeper with clients and agents
    • The mindset, importance, and benefit to the team of always looking for opportunities to "ask"
  • Mindset-The Language of Success-How to get around obstacles that could be holding them back.
  • Efficient Step by Step Clearly Defined Loan Process Examples
    • Working a system doing things the "Same Way Every Time" and why "Every Day Matters."
    • Avoiding things "slipping through the cracks" by implementing a follow up system that works every time.
  • Checklists-Implementing them in the loan process
  • How to do "lead follow up" calls
  • How to do "Just Ask" update calls
  • How to do calls to Past Clients
  • How to do the "Pre-Approved and looking" calls
  • Scripts, Dialogues and Role Play
    • They will learn, practice, role play and review
    • Lead to contract scripts and dialogues
    • Winning a client
    • How to set proper expectations with clients right from the beginning
    • How to present things properly at the beginning to avoid issues down the road
    • How to use scripts where your Loan Partner uses your name and brand you when they talk to clients and referral partners.
    • How to convert borrowers with the right dialogues. Even if the LO does the "conversion" of each loan client, your Loan Partner will learn. It will benefit the LO as you prepare to let go of that part of the process or need your Loan Partner to cover for you while you’re on vacation or taking time off.
    • How to deal with customers in a way that lets them know they are valued and appreciated
    • How to answer objections
    • How to handle difficult clients
    • How to do weekly calls that deliver amazing service and bring in referrals Even if they are not these calls, you will benefit from your Loan Partner learning how to do them.
  • "Languages of Appreciation" - Learning how to build a stronger team culture using them.
  • Relationship Building
    • How to deepen relationships with past and current clients
    • How to listen for opportunities to connect deeper with clients and agents
    • The mindset, importance, and benefit to the team of always looking for opportunities to "ask"
    • Relationship Strengtheners with clients and agents
    • Always listening for "connection moments"
  • Tracking for Success
  • "Wow" standard of tracking the loan process and time frame expectations

Our Reviews

About Irene Duford

Irene has been in the Mortgage business for 20 + years and has been coaching Top Producing Loan Originators in The Freedom Club/Mortgage Marketing Animals since 2012.

She is passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to believe in their success and map out a specific plan to achieve results.

As Irene was coaching, she saw a huge need for a live training program to help Loan Partners with systems and processes, scripts and dialogues, and other specific ways to “Wow” the clients and referral partners. She knew that if Loan Originators had a live training they could send their Loan Partner/Loan Assistant to, it would not only free the Loan Originator up to go get more business, but through working a specific system designed to build and strengthen stronger relationships with clients and referral partners, they would receive even more warm referrals and grow their business.

Irene loves spending time with her husband, kids and grandkids. She enjoys traveling, learning, self-improvement, live music, theatre, movies, and going to the beach.

About Kevin Duford

Kevin was a High School Teacher for 20 years and Head Varsity Basketball Coach. He then worked in the mortgage business as a team with Irene for 12 years.

He uses his experience as a teacher and Coach to train on how mastering the fundamentals can enable Loan Partners and Loan Assistants to excel and help their Loan Originator Team reach their goals. Loan teams, like basketball teams, when working together, can push business to new heights and levels of success.

Kevin has fun spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids. He enjoys playing golf, traveling, reading, movies, and going to the beach.


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